Wednesday , 28 June 2017
Think financially and take advice before buying a property for the first time

Think financially and take advice before buying a property for the first time

We all know how good it is to invest in properties. No matter what country you belong to, a lot of people suggest you to invest in properties in India. It has been observed that the property rates in this country have increased and are furthermore increasing drastically. There are a lot of reasons behind that, but that’s not my motive to write this article. I am here to give a few points to all those people out there, who are looking forward to buy real estate property in India.


  • There are uncountable real estate agents in India, but it is not possible for you to trust each and every one of them. You have to make sure that you select a good and well-respected real estate agent for yourself. Some of them fool the buyers and make them buy the property at a higher rate, so that they get increased commissions. Therefore, be patient and do a little bit of research before hiring a real estate agent for yourself.
  • Although there are many real estate websites out there, you have to do your homework before picking up a property from a particular website. Make sure that you personally visit the place and inspect it before purchasing it.
  • There are several real estates in India that have certain legal issues. DO NOT fall into the trap of such properties. Always check for the legally clean property for yourself. The constructor or builder may try to lure you by decreasing the price of the property, but if it has legal issues, never buy it.
  • There are several shut properties in India that are said to be haunted. The owners look forward to sell them, but since there are a lot of gossips related to the same, people don’t even visit the places. Stay away from such properties, not in fear, but because people in India DO NOT buy such properties!
  • Property rates increase in India. Therefore, if you have already bought a property in this country, wait for the right time and sell it when the rates have reached your expectation levels.
  • It is rightly said that in a populated country like India, finding tenants for the property that you have in hands is not a big thing. You can always put your property on rent, till the time you don’t get the right deal to sell it to someone else or transfer the ownership to someone else.

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