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Getting Hired from the Recruiter’s Point of View

Getting Hired from the Recruiter’s Point of View

Hiring managers and recruiters have some criteria to find the ideal job candidate. As a job seeker, you will want to know how to impress these managers and what it takes to get the job you are applying for. Read the tips below.

Job Candidates Should Have Passion

Regardless of the department you are in, it is essential that you are passionate of what you do. If you love what you do, more people will love what the company makes.

Be Yourself when Interviewed

When you talk to a recruiter, always be yourself. Assume that there are a lot of qualified candidates for the job so consider helping the recruiter know you. Also, help the recruiting team know how you match to their company’s mission and culture as well as what unique things you can bring to the business team.

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Show Professionalism

You have to demonstrate professionalism and the great soft skills that include arriving on time for your interview, voicemail or email etiquette and personal look. Click here to know more about professionalism when finding a job.

Show the Curious Side of You

A good job candidate does not only provide solution to the problem in his specific department but also shows he wants to explore other relevant opportunities and issues. He will communicate the things that make him a unique candidate, what he will contribute to the company’s culture and how he will make an impact to the clientele.

Be a Learn it All

Companies do not hire know-it-all. They want those who possess intellectual and humble curiosity.

Build a Bridge

The right job candidate builds a bridge from his background to the particular job he seeks. He aligns the large questions of the job such as the main competencies, desired outcomes and major skills to what he has done before. Such specific articulation of the reason he is the match for the job makes a “no toll” situation for recruiters.

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