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Why and Where To Invest In Dubai

Invest In Dubai

A couple of decades ago there was no such country as UAE and Dubai was a small village where people used to do fishing. Nowadays Dubai is famous for its world records, luxury, and newly erected buildings. Wherever you go there are skyscrapers and high-class hotels being built. There are magnificent yachts in the gulf and expensive cars on the ... Read More »

How to Find Legitimate $5000 Online Loans Same Day Lenders for Emergencies

Life is tough for an average individual in today’s economy. The online loans are one of the best options in the current times for those having bad credit or running their lives on paycheck to paycheck. There are times when one requires cash urgently and cannot withstand the lengthy approval process of the traditional lenders. The high prices of the ... Read More »

Going Direct To A Lender vs Using A Mortgage Broker

As a first time buyer, one of the all important things is securing a mortgage as, without one, the dream of becoming a home owner unfortunately ends. Very few of us are in a position, especially as a first time buyer, to buy a home outright and, as such, rely on a mortgage to lend us the money needed to ... Read More »

Top Tips if You’re Considering a Buy to Let Investment

If you’re looking to make an investment in property, the Buy to Let market still offers strong opportunities. If you’re keen to invest in your first Buy to Let property, you’ve landed on the right article. This blog post is specifically meant for people who are considering Buy to Let ownership and contains some helpful tips and will probably raise ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Conveyancing Costs When Buying a Home

Everyone dreams of buying their own house. Buying a house includes many legal formalities that have to be taken care of. Unless you are a professional lawyer who is aware about all the legal proceedings involved in buying a house, you will have to hire a conveyancer to do it for you. A conveyancer is a professional who is skilled ... Read More »

How a Financial Advocate Can Help You in Your PPI Claims


The FOS or Financial Ombudsman Service is the corporation that handles issues against financial authorities no matter what it is about. Bank account charges, pension or PPI everything are handled by them. They have the power of the final say on any issue. Keep in mind that if you are making a claim for your PPI then first talk to ... Read More »