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Daily Archives: October 2, 2015

Enhance the performance of your company with proper auditing

The audit is not a mere formality in the corporate world. It is actually a necessity since it helps in protecting the business. It helps in enhancing it so that it becomes more popular and is able to perform more on a global basis. Auditory services The importance of proper audit is being understood by all the companies gradually. Due ... Read More »

Canadians Moving to the USA

Canadians moving to the U.S. from Canada have to contend with a new transition planning challenge that was not a concern in past years: an 0.80 Canadian dollar (CAD).  When the CAD was valued above 0.90 or 0.95, many individuals naturally elected to convert their bank and Non-registered (taxable) investment account funds to U.S. dollars (USD) and move them to ... Read More »