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Engaging customers when starting a small business

Engaging customers when starting a small business

When starting a small business the first thing which you need to focus on is how to get potential customers. Large business tend to use advertise to gather customers or employees but what does a small businesses do? There are a few things you can try to build a good amount of customers without spending a huge amount of money on any kind of advertisements.

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Locate a setting where you can find potential customers

First thing you have to do is find a location where you can find potential customers who will spare some time for you. One of most effective choice is a coffee shop. Here they are not extremely busy and they will hear you out since they are going to be there for sometime drinking their coffee. Think of a place where the potential customers will have an interest in your services or products. Be a bit selective and do not go hammering down every location you can think of.

Offer an incentive

Remember that you have to offer them something to keep them engaged and to give you their time. You cannot go and tell them whatever you want and pay no heed to their own personal time. One way to go about this is if you are in a coffee shop ask the manager if he will allow you to pay for the next 20 to 35 customers’ coffee. Once that is settled in when anyone comes for a cup of coffee you can let them know that the coffee is on you and to hear you out for a few minutes. This way no one’s time is wasted and both parties get what they want.

Don’t be pushy

When offering them your card if the conversation goes well does not force it on them. Make sure to ask them if they want to take your contact or your business cards. That will help build a reputation on your business being one which is decent and considerate of its customers.

Follow this process and you can be sure that you will be achieving a lot more exposure for your small business in a very short amount of time than you ever thought. To explore more log on to: http://susanastokes.com/benefits-of-creating-an-online-business/

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