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How to get your home ready for a house sale

How to get your home ready for a house sale

When it comes to selling your home, there is one word that strikes no truer than, preparation. Yes, preparation is key when selling your home because you won’t be dealing with the unexpected, in fact, if you’re that well prepared, nothing is unexpected and you will drift through your house sale like a breeze.

Of course, today, we all live chaotic lives and this can mean that getting prepared can be extremely time consuming and overlooked when it comes to preparing for a house sale. Recently, a study that was conducted to nearly 2,000 homebuyers supported what has been widely thought true for a long time, a house that doesn’t look like it will fit the bill won’t sell!

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So what actually puts people off? According to the study that was carried out by Barclay’s mortgages, things such as; avocado bathrooms, woodchip walls and flocked wallpaper were just some of the biggest turnoffs; whilst other, larger exterior reasons such as stone cladding and pebble dash have been known to cause buyers to consider their choices in a house purchase.

Property sale experts, JetHomes.co.uk have however provided some well seasoned and sound advice when it comes to preparing your house for a house sale.

Lighten up your furnishings

One of the simplest, yet most effective things you could do to improve your interior is actually creating the effect of space in your home. One of the ways to do this is to perform some good DIY work and try and neutralise the more “bolder” colours and furnishings in the house.

From neutral paint colours to updating your bathroom set, these can be quite time consuming if you don’t organise the workflow properly so, make sure that whatever work you undertake is manageable. If you can’t manage it yourself, then call in some of those favours with friends and family or hire a professional (but this can cost a bit, so remember that if it happens).

Box up some personal items

Did you know that potential buyers are nearly 3x less likely  to purchase your home if they feel they can’t see themselves living in that space. One of the biggest pet peeves of potential buyers is seeing personal items such as photos and trinkets lying around the home.

A big tip here is to start boxing together some of the more personal and precious items and clearly label them so that they are to hand to when you need to move them into your new home.

Spring clean or even, car boot sale!

Well, a good old spring clean can be handy in situations precisely like this. Remember, you are moving into a new home and you want to sell your home; gathering together items which you no longer need, use or even like isn’t a bad idea. You can donate them or even sell at a good old car boot sale to finance some of the things you need at your new home.

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Our top tip here; don’t be over emotional with belongings here we use the three month rule quite regularly. “Has it been used in the last 3 months?” if the answer is no, then off it goes. If the answer is yes, we’ll ask “do you really need it?” the same applies as before.

We hope that this provides some insight into how you can get your house ready for a sale, especially in today’s chaotic lifestyle. What do you think works best for getting ready to move home? What top tips do you have? We’d love to know.

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