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Digital Advertising – Know your customers = grow your brand

Digital Advertising – Know your customers = grow your brand

Digital Advertising in Australia is still very much a science.  It is hardly surprising that customers are important when it comes to business success, but I want to give you a bit of context and show you exactly how critical it is to not only identify your audience, but to understand them. You may have heard of audience Profiles before, but if not there is a bit of research that as gone into them as a process that helps you to 3essentially consider all the ways that your product can be received by customers and therefore to consider your audience when making decisions in the world of Marketing, SEO and advertisement. The reality is that creating a beneficial and relevant catalogue of audience profiles will both inform your expansion of many areas of your business and , and identify problems that you are yet to consider.


It almost goes without saying, but, a good content strategy is key to success. However, make sure that your content is considering the people you wish to target. If your content doesn’t align with your target market, your content will be unsuccessful. Have your customer in mind when you put together your content.  A great question to be asking is, ‘what problem am I solving?’   Your customers will look to your content to solve their problems.



By knowing more about your target audience, you can develop the quality links that boost your SEO efforts. Think about it, if you identify that your audience would primarily visit a specific site to gain their information, then advertisement and link building that targets this site will be immensely beneficial. The other side of this is that instantly these sites that you choose will have the reputation and trust that you want associated with your website. Combining these efforts is seen in both Search Engine results and your audience building.   Make sure your SEO agency or staff members fully understand what your customer profile is.  For Bob and Sue advertising in a football magazine or website is insane because last I checked 42 year old professional women don’t read them.  So having links built from that site would be missing the point.

Social Media:

By knowing what sort of social media appeals to your customers, and what sites they engage with, you can customise your social media SEO Campaign. This will see direct results in what networks you are active on, what content you create, the style and tone you take and what engagement you seek from your audience.  Use your social media to build a community, you may want to offer some freebies, or run a competition to start getting your potential customers engaged.

As the CEO of Slingshot Internet Marketing, I know the struggles that many people have when starting off the SEO, especially when it comes to understanding keywords. I myself ran a small business for a number of years and had to learn SEO from scratch and by a lot of trial and error.  So remember to start off strong and use the information that you know. Once you have built that foundation, learn as much as possible about SEO and be patient with the results. If you come to a stage when you are unsure, or want to set your business apart from the rest, then consider having a chat to an SEO professional.

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