Wednesday , 21 June 2017
Dubai Apartment Hotels: A Sought-After Investment Option

Dubai Apartment Hotels: A Sought-After Investment Option

Dubai apartment hotels represent the type of investment assets that gradually becomes more and more popular among regional and foreign investors. Since the emirate’s property market is considered to be robust, buying the local property is perceived as a lucrative and cost-effective investment option that brings solid passive income in a long term.

What makes Dubai apartment hotels an exceptionally appealing asset is the nature of this property type – it is a highly convenient and affordable accommodation option for any kind of traveler, which means that occupancy levels and, therefore, revenues of the property will always be more than sufficient for making a steady return on investment. This is especially true for Dubai since the city has established itself as a prominent hub for any kind of commercial, leisure and recreational activities, as well as a much sought-after tourist destination.


Speaking of the most thriving Dubai apartment hotels that make an appealing investment option, it is worth mentioning First Central Hotel Apartment, a promising project of The First Group, a renowned British developer.

This luxurious property stands out thanks to its fully accommodated apartments equipped with all the necessary items to make any guest feel at home. Not only can the property boast elegant décor and cutting-edge technology, it also offers its guests a wide range of much needed facilities and amenities, such as rooftop swimming pool, sun deck, fitness centre and steam rooms, among others.

Another attractive feature of First Central Hotel Apartment is its location – a crucial factor that often defines the profitability of the whole investment. The property was thoughtfully built in TECOM district, which is widely known as the business centre of Dubai. The district, situated in close proximity to Dubai Media City, Internet City and Knowledge Village free zones, is an area that is exceptionally demanded by both tenants and investors – a major part of the businessmen coming to the emirate choose to stay in work in this very district.

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