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How to Hire the Most Suitable Conveyancer or Solicitor for Your Property

How to Hire the Most Suitable Conveyancer or Solicitor for Your Property

In every real estate property transaction, a time comes when there is a requirement for the exchange of legal property ownership between the seller and the buyer. Here is where, you need a conveyancer or a solicitor, who will not only help you in the process, but also ensures that you are satisfied with the way things are handled.

However, for successful and beneficial transaction, you need to choose a capable and profitable conveyancing professional. Both Immigration Solicitor and conveyancers provide conveyancing services. Conveyancers specialize in property conveyancing while solicitors are lawyers, who receive training in law and provide legal amenities to people.

Solicitors are required to have the membership of Law Society whereas conveyancers must have the membership of CLC. There are many people who try to conduct the whole conveyancing process on their own, so that a large amount of money can be saved.

However, this is highly risky and can lead to a very big loss, in terms of property, time and money.

Role of conveyancers or solicitors in conveyancing


  • Preparation and evaluation of contracts to ensure that all of their aspects are accurately mentioned and completed.
  • Doing extensive researches on the property for obtaining useful information about it.
  • Handling land registry, stamping and collection and transference of funds.
  • Offering recommendations and legal advices to their clients or customers.
  • Delivering right documents to the right party at the right place and right time without any delay.
  • Keep the clients updated and answer their questions on the progress of the contract as well as the overall deal.
  • Ensure that the conveyancing procedure is not stressful for the client and efficiently communicates with him/her on a regular basis to avoid issues and delays.
  • Be honest in giving you the final bill without any hidden cost.

Factors to consider while choosing a conveyancer or a solicitor

There are certain factors which you should consider while choosing a conveyancing professional be it a conveyancer or a solicitor. These are price considerations, service recommendations and knowledge of laws and areas. Make sure that you know the nature of charges and compare and evaluate at least three distinct quotes before making a decision. See if any additional costs related to disbursements are also included in the price.

Appoint the services of conveyancing professional who is experienced, attentive, reliable and clear in its explanations and to the point.  Ask for recommendations from your family members, relatives and friends. Also, your hired professional must be knowledgeable about laws and areas. It would be really good if the location of its office is near your house.

Ask the professional, you are going to hire, if he/she charges on hourly basis. You can easily get free conveyancing quotes in seconds on any websites. Choose a professional depending upon the quality of its work and services instead of price.

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