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Shapemycredit Is The Finest Option For Repairing Your Credit

Shapemycredit Is The Finest Option For Repairing Your Credit

A Cpn/scn no. is an exclusive identification number of nine digits that you can use for reporting fiscal information to every one of the three credit bureaus. One can use such numbers as a substitute for his/her Social Security no. for several forms of credit dealings. The use of such a number for a credit dealing facilitates the segregation of finances, should an identity theft occur or for simply starting anew.

Nevertheless obtaining a Credit Privacy or Secondary Credit No. does not let a person go from his /her prior debts. Actually the person concerned remains accountable for every debt earned on credit accounts that reference a SSN /CPN / SCN. Acquiring such a number is not going to substitute old bad credit.

How ShapeMyCredit maximizes your Credit Score & offers you a suitable Pay-As-You-Go costing Option

  • ShapeMyCredit gives you a Cpn Number / Scn Number that is going to be listed in the 3 Credit Reporting Bureaus that are also called TRI-Merge.
  • Next you apply or Post Trade lines the your just received CPN / SCN and SSN number. What the trade lines will do is cause your score to go and facilitate the getting a first-rate FICO credit score.
  • Next you use the Credit Repair service of ShapeMyCredit for fixing and cleaning up credit profile with your recently acquired SSN.

Repairing Your Credit

The advantages of ShapeMyCredit’s program for repairing your credit

Several factors affect the FICO credit score of a person, among which a few are common errors and few are technical glitches. ShapeMyCredit’s exclusive online interface facilitates the viewing of the progress of your credit report profile and the step up of your overall FICO score.

Our program for credit repairing is going to dispute the utmost inquiries possible per cycle. It has been designed for helping from tax liens, bankruptcies, to delayed payments to charge-offs to.


It’s been long since Alexander Wright started article writing and offering complimentary information on topics related to credit and repair of credit and recommends ShapeMyCredit as a credit repairing company

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