Friday , 26 May 2017
Cool Home Security Gadget That Are Trending

Cool Home Security Gadget That Are Trending

With the increasing numbers of burglaries, intrusion and other illegal activities concerning to home security, it is not a good idea to just sit on your couch doing nothing. Home security is one of the most important aspect of your home and property that you should never ignore as a business/home owner. With the swelling number of crimes related to intrusion and theft that is written all over the news and posted on different social media, protecting your asset, home, family and other irreplaceable belongings is at risk. And for this reason why Vivint has created a cool ‘got-have-it-a’ security system to address the need for maximum home security.

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Vivint Inc. (formerly named as APX Alarm Security Solutions) is a private home security, energy management and home automation service provider in U.S and New Zealand—the company behind the latest and state-of-the-art home security technology called as ‘Vivint Doorbell Camera’, which aims to provide homeowners with maximum home protection with its high-end smart home solutions. This latest product of Vivint allows consumers to hear, see and speak with the visitors on their doorstep without even stepping outside using any mobile device. This breakthrough has created a huge buzz in the home security industry as it allows homeowners to watch over their properties without any hassle and difficulties.

With impressive automation features and emphasis on the high quality design and innovative software technology, Vivint has positioned itself to be a major industry players for the succeeding years to come. After some through customer’s evaluation and critiques about the equipment’s compatibility, Vivint has brought the entire manufacturing in-house. And with the release of Vivint Doorbell Camera (Wi-fi enabled Camera which helps you communicate with your front door visitor through your mobile), Vivid is expected to make major steps on towards becoming the leader in Home Automation industry. Other than this latest breakthrough in home security, below are some of the features that you must need to know regarding their home security package:

Home Security package

Vivint Home security package can cost $49.99 per month, which comes with one 2gig touchscreen panel, 1 key remote, 1 motion detector, 1 security camera and 3door/window sensors. Aside from purchasing the equipment, this package already covers variety of service including installation and monthly monitoring subscription. This makes Vivint prices affordable.

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Energy Management Package

If you want to protect your valuable energy resources, Vivint also provide an energy security package that is suited for your budget. ViVint energy management package can cost around $57.99 per month, which already includes one 2 gig touchscreen panel, 11 small appliance control, q smart thermostat, 1 key remote, 1 yard sign, 1 motion detector, 12 energy-saving light bulbs, 3 door/window sensor, free remote control app and severe weather alerts.

Home Automation Package

Vivint home automation service carries an affordable price tag of $68.99 dollars per month. The automation services can be accessed via smartphone, computer and other web-enabled device. This includes the same package as ‘energy management package’ with live wireless communication, video camera, electric door lock and additional gadgets and features.

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