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Protect Your Home from Wind and Fire

Protect Your Home from Wind and Fire

Weird weather.

the higher altitudes. We’re not saying it’s Climate Change (although, doesn’t it feel like the climate is always changing?), we’re not scientists, and frankly, it seems as though even scientists can’t come to an agreement on the issue. All we know is the weather isn’t what it used to be, and what it used to be wasn’t what it used to be before that. If that doesn’t make sense, please leave a remark in the comments section below and we’ll try to make it make sense.

One thing is certain; if you can’t prepare for something, you should be prepared for anything, otherwise you could end up needing emergency cash for something that blew off your hose, or into your house… Or just blew your house away.

Since we live in the West, the two most common threats to our homes are wind and wildfire. Flood comes in a distant third, and while many areas in the West are prone to flash flooding, most folks have been smart enough not to build their homes in the flood plains, so we’ll just take a look at helping to protect your home from the two biggest threats listed above.

Protect Your Home from Wind

Protect Your Home from the Wind

Reinforce your garage door

  • This is the largest moveable surface on your house, and in a lot of cases, it’s made of rather flimsy material. Hiring a professional to enforce it or replace it can be costly, so if that’s not an option, simply open your garage door in high wind situations in order to avoid severe damage.


  • They don’t have to be expensive store-bought contraptions. There are plenty of do-it-yourself guides available on the internet to make your own. If you live in a constant high wind area, then you will definitely want shutters.

Make sure your shingles are secure

  • Spend a Saturday afternoon with a staple gun and reinforce the shingles on your roof. An un-maintained roof is the doorway (so to speak) for all sorts of potential damage and mishaps to your home.

Watch those trees

  • Older trees too close to the home are prone to being blown over and causing major damage. Get a professional to take care of this if you are unsure of how to remove a potentially dangerous tree.

Prevent House Fires

  • Maintain a defensible space around your home that extends out to thirty feet (with the exception of trees). This doesn’t mean you have to have bare ground. Gardens are actually very helpful in the defense of your home against fire. Make sure all ground space is clear of debris, especially anything dry and combustible.
  • Check that roof again. Make sure there are no loose shingles, and if you have wood shingles, make sure they are sealed with proper sealant materials and placed properly with no gaps.
  • Don’t forget the gutters. People who are vigilant about roof maintenance often neglect to clean their gutters of dry leaves and needles.

You and yours should be safe, regardless of the weather or fire conditions. Make sure your home is protected, and if you need a little money for roofing expenses or anything else you could consider short term loans for bad credit in Nevada and Arizona.

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