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Quick and Easy Tips to Stay Smart and Keep Your Identity Protected and Safe

Quick and Easy Tips to Stay Smart and Keep Your Identity Protected and Safe

Every now and then you can hear cases about identity theft where an imposter tries to steal someone’s identity and tries to withdraw cash or apply for credit loans in banks etc. Financial institutions state that it takes minimum thirty three hours minimum for a consumer to identify and conclude about an identity theft which is roughly about four working days. Rather than sitting hands crossed, it is high time for you to think smart and protect your funds, your liabilities and your own identity from frauds. Among the many different ways of identity protection, few easy to practise and follow tips are listed here:

Dispose bills carefully

Many a times, people do not pay attention while disposing paper work. Rather than shredding them carefully, many tend to just crush them and throw aside. This may leak unnecessary personal information like account number, credit card number, birthdays etc. which could be the key to trace one’s identity. Hence paperwork must be carefully disposed even it is a daily Starbucks coffee bill.

Monitor credits


You might not be a Hollywood celebrity but what you save is your hard earned money. You might as well keep it safe for your successors rather than loose it to an imposter. Hence as an important step, start to monitor your credit sources. Ask your bank to send you regular reports related to your credits and debits and if they see a suspicious transaction ask them to ring you immediately so that you can stay alert anytime.

Switch to traditional payment options

Till date the generation of baby boomers recommend to pay in cash in contrast to the present generation as they do not want to leave a trail behind. This method that was ridiculed by the young blood seems to be another fool proof method where in one does not have the requirement to reveal one’s bank details or card number. Hence as far as possible, you can tend to pay by cash at a new place of stay or dining.

In addition to these techniques, you can always subscribe identity guard to protect your personal information. The identity guard review states that it is a diverse plan that covers all economic group. There are multiple variants for this plan to which you can subscribe and stay relaxed as your information remains yours and only yours.




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