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Buying a property with a bank-free finance

A standard home loan from any bank attracts a lot of eligibility criteria to be fulfilled including heavy amount of deposits, good credit score, sound repayment history, nature of job and monthly income. The desire of owning a house property would have remained as dream for many with so many conditions to be fulfilled. Here, a buyer-friendly concept of vendor ... Read More »

5 Realistic Ways to Get Funds for Your Small Business

You have got a unique and innovative business idea, but are lacking funds to get the idea rolling, don’t worry there are plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs like you who struggle to make their business dream come alive. Well, you need not necessarily be amongst those who struggle, instead, you can be brave, bold and venture out to kick-start your business ... Read More »

The Do Nots of Avoiding Business Bankruptcy

Business bankruptcy is a nightmare that all businessmen worry about. While most think that this is inevitable, it is actually avoidable. There is no need for your company to declare a state of bankruptcy if you run it in the right way. In order to do this you need to do what is right and wrong. First, you need to ... Read More »


Engineered to deliver premium quality service and advice to clients, Holborn Assets Limited helps ensure that the client will have money put in the right place at the right time. Delivering flawless execution of various financial planning and management services, Holborn Assets Dubai caters to the 80% UAE expat population. The company observes a firm set of business principles to ... Read More »

Opening a bank account a necessity for savings

For a person opening the bank account is not a challenging task but maintain the account is difficult. One can freely and easily open up the account in the bank. Bank is the place where all records like transactions and savings are automatically recorded. One can easily pay the bills; can receive the salary by the employer. It also keeps ... Read More »

Quick approval with skilled mortgage brokers

A broker is a professional who acts as an intermediary between mortgage borrowers and lenders. To buy the first house is painstaking task that needs effective guidance and reliable information. MLB play a significant role in the process of investment and decision making. They are professional and knowledgeable people who are aware about the industry news and trends. They are ... Read More »

Top reasons why you should chose self build mortgages

Building your own home is a monstrous task, which can get even more alarming if you do not have a plan for correctly financing the project. Nowadays it is possible to opt for a specialized financing option for self-build project so you do not lose out with high interest rates. Self build mortgages are highly appropriate for these types of ... Read More »

How to AvoidForeclosure and House Repossession

Like any other financial obligations, house repossession and foreclosure can also be incredibly devastating and become a serious threat to your health. Along with the stress are the anger, embarrassment, and the shame you have to keep up after knowing you have worked so hard for something that eventually will only be owned by your creditor. And if worse comes ... Read More »