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Engineered to deliver premium quality service and advice to clients, Holborn Assets Limited helps ensure that the client will have money put in the right place at the right time. Delivering flawless execution of various financial planning and management services, Holborn Assets Dubai caters to the 80% UAE expat population. The company observes a firm set of business principles to provide its roster of services with complete integrity and respect for all. Without overstepping boundaries, Holborn advisors adhere to a strong business concept that helps them provide the highest standards of financial planning while adhering to established international standards.

Every Holborn Assets Limited UK advisor aims to open up a world of possibilities securely customized to meet every client’s specific needs. The Holborn Assets team makes available an extensive product range and joint ventures to ensure continued growth for the client’s assets and investments. The company can offer unparalleled service in personal and corporate wealth management. Holborn specializes in innovative and customized global portfolio strategies and services to deliver according to the standards that every client genuinely deserves. By adopting its own Code of Professional Conduct that every one of its UK advisors is sworn to embody, Holborn Assets has been successful at espousing exceptionally high standards of professional aptitude and integrity within the financial planning industry.

Holborn Assets Limited works openly with the Life Insurance Association of the United Kingdom for guidance in matters of discipline and conduct in its business. Holborn Assets works for constant and unwavering transparency to be able to assume a pre-eminent position in the International Independent Financial Advisory market. Committed to ensuring stability, continuity and security to all its clients, Holborn Assets brings together a select group of international money management companies in order to obtain the perfect mix of investment expertise that will fulfill every client’s unique requirements.

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