Friday , 26 May 2017


ORM services have worked with many car manufacturers for helping them create an online marketing campaign to boost awareness for when the car hits the market. Their next client is somewhat of a joint venture. Toyota and BMW are partnering up to work on a new machine. It will be considered the successor for the Supra and BMW’s version of the car will take over the duties of the Z4. It will have a chassis that is extremely light and strong since it is made from lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fibre for the reinforcement. The chassis will be made so that both companies can make completely different looking bodies than one another.


Both cars will look like the body type of a Porsche 911. The BWM version will have two types of engines, one developed by BMW and the other developed by Toyota since it will be a hybrid. The starting models will have a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine with a horsepower of 241 and 258 pounds of torque. Mid models will have turbocharged 3.0 litre six cylinder engine with 335 horsepower with 331 pounds of torque. The highest range will have 473 horsepower gasoline-electric with six cylinders and a Toyota based electric motor.

ORM services explains that the Toyota version will have a smaller four cylinder engine with a hybrid drivetrain. They decided not to create competition with their Scion FR-S since Scion is an extension of Toyota. BMW is quite secretive about their next Z4 replacement but Toyota discreetly stated they would preview their car at the upcoming Detroit Motor show or the March at the Geneva Motor show. Both machines are predicted to go on sale at 2018 around the world. Also, the Supra will be more expensive compared to the Chevrolet Stingray which will start at $55,000.


ORM services will have to be smart in terms of advertising these cars because at the moment, BMW isn’t saying anything yet except for the fact that they partnered with Toyota for this project and what they are doing for each other. Also, the info give by Toyota isn’t going to help all that much to help market the product because there isn’t much info and no pictures to associate the campaign. They decided to rely on Toyotas long time reliability and technological progress. Toyota’s campaign will demonstrate how far they reached from their first product they ever created and will end with a silhouette of the new Supra. They will also have other campaigns showing the evolution of all the Supra’s and what they meant to each generation that adored these cars.

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