Wednesday , 28 June 2017
Entrepreneur’s Top 3 Mistakes

Entrepreneur’s Top 3 Mistakes

There are many do’s and don’t’s for entrepreneurs and every successful start had their own successful game plan. Search Engine Reputation Management Services is an online reputation management company. Essentially, if you or your company has a bad result on the first page of Google that is hurting sales or opportunities, the innovative company creates positive content to overtake the bad results, pushing it down. Throughout Search Engine Reputation Management Services co-founder’s career, he has witnessed and been involved in good start-ups and abad ones.2

Of many do’s and don’t’s, here are a couple the founder has summed up:

  1. Do not start your business with a partnership: although partnerships can be perceived by the public as positive and healthy, partnerships have more bad than good. Partnerships will usually happen in start-ups to save money. It is important for entrepreneurs to understand that start-ups (within the first couple of years) will in debt them. This is normal and what is necessary to get it up and running. Partnerships are also a liability. The consumer will no see you as a unique brand or independent. Partnerships are ways of leaning on each other for support but if both sides are not established, each side is leaning on something broken.
  2. Make sure you have a prototype: it is easy to throw together a convincing pitch for capitalists and investors but if you or your business does not have a working prototype, the likeliness of getting an investment is slim. In the real world, the key is not the pitch. A prototype takes long to develop and perfect where as a pitch takes only a couple of hours to perfect.
  3. Scaling to quickly: Search Engine Reputation Management Services co-founder has seen this far too often. Start-ups will over scale their current necessities and jump the punch too quickly. They see the big picture rather than the little picture they should be focusing on.

Due to their co-founder’s years of experience, Search Engine Reputation Management Services has been successful since day 1. Although bumps in the road like every start-up, the company had effective guidance and a team member with experience in his industry and with people.

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