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How Your Foreclosure Lawyer Can Help File A Sb900 Case Or Bankruptcy To Stop Foreclosure

How Your Foreclosure Lawyer Can Help File A Sb900 Case Or Bankruptcy To Stop Foreclosure

Foreclosure can be stopped in Californian laws by several methods, and hiring a foreclosure attorney will be the best person to guide you through the process to stop the sale. The foreclosure attorney can advise you and guide you with the right steps for you to stop foreclosure. You may sue the lender for violation of sb900 or you may wait and announce a chapter 13 bankruptcy. There are various ways to stop the foreclosure and you will be advised upon your condition on which way to choose by your lawyer.

How to save property from being foreclosure

As I have seen, the foreclosure lawyers of the Consumer action Law Group have a sound knowledge and expertise of fighting the battle for the borrowers. The few steps which you may find your lawyer taking as per the situation are:

  • If you have time enough for the foreclosure then the lawyer will appeal for you so that your lender has to stop the foreclosure and give you the time to take action
  • In case the lender do not wait and still proceeds with the sale, the lawyer can then sue the lender for violating sb900 and this will give you more time.
  • In case the lender agrees to wait, and accepts your loan modification application, the lawyer will then act as the advisory and monitoring body on your behalf to see that the modification is done by protecting your rights.2

These are some of the smart steps the mortgage foreclosure attorney can take to save you from the deadly consequences of a foreclosure, and to make sure that your reputation is also saved with your credit rating.

Filing of SB900

The foreclosure can be stopped by filing a SB900 against the lender. If the lender can be proved to be accused of wrongful foreclosure or any attempt to fraud, then you can sue the lender on the ground of violating SB900 by taking help of your foreclosure lawyer. The Consumer Action Law Group lawyers know these well with their experience and expertise, and I would personally recommend seeking the able of this law firm for timely action and stopping of foreclosure.

Eliminate Debt with Bankruptcy

In case you are in a very tight situation, and were late to contact the lawyer or appeal for the loan modification, or were ineligible for the loan modification, a great way to stop foreclosure and buy you a minimum time of 3 years is filing of a bankruptcy. If you declare a chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy as suggested by the foreclosure lawyers, you can instantly stop all attempts of the lender for foreclosure or collection etc.

Hence to get timely help, and save yourself from repenting later, get advice of a Consumer Action Law Group attorney as soon as possible, and fight your battle with pride.

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