Wednesday , 28 June 2017
John Song Potomac MD: The Most Important Part

John Song Potomac MD: The Most Important Part

John Song Potomac MD is the CEO of his own small company that has many branches based out of Maryland. Not only has he founded his own start-up, he is a professor and has other business related projects and interest on the side. In dealing with small projects and his start-up, John Song Potomac MD knows that employees will do good work for their boss if they feel valued, safe, and happy. For that reason, it is important that companies and managers understand that investing in their employees will reward them in the long-run.2

One of the most effective ways to get the best work out o employees is to lead by example and be the role model. As a leader, John Song Potomac MD is the first one to get into the office and is always the last to shut it down. By putting in longer hours, employees can understand and witness that the employer is committed. When employers are committed to the company, often times employees will follow their pattern because they are motivated to be just as hard working. As a result, there is a domino effect and the hard work becomes contagious. To follow, employers and leaders should show positive attitudes to employees. Being positive, responsive, and having a healthy relationship can allow employees to overcome challenges together.

Often times, employees will be rewarded when they push themselves to work harder. Those driving forces are being a role model and the positive work environments.

To finish off, John Song Potomac MD highly encourages employers, managers, leaders to include their employees in decisions. By including them, they will feel valued and heard. They will be more likely to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Plus, by discussing with employees, including them and getting to know them, employers can pin point what employees enjoy doing and their song points. This allows employers to position them effectively and give employees tasks they can be confident in and perform well at.


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