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Junior Stock broker

Junior Stock broker

In junior stock broker jobs they are usually involved with researching the financial markets to spot opportunities and trends that will make good investment options for the clients of the firm they are working for.  Generally they will work in teams and report their information to the hedge fund or investment manager.  Although being a junior stock broker does not require you to have any formal education you will need to have certification and take an exam to become licensed to trade.  If you decide to eventually work as a stock broker and have a career in stock trading you will have to take the General Securities Registered Representative Examination.  There are some states that will also require you to take the Uniform Securities Agents State Law Examination.  Junior stock broker jobs can be with an investment management company and brokerage firms.  When working as a junior stock broker, when the market shows signs of unpredictability, can expect to work long hours.2

Some of the duties of a junior stock broker can include:

  • Researching the financial markets to find information that pertains to mutual funds, stocks, bonds, commodities, etc and then pass the information to the firm’s clients or senior stock brokers. A junior stock broker should have first-rate decision-making abilities along with timing that is impeccable to be able to convert the leads they have in to a financial gain for the firm’s clients.
  • They may be responsible for a client’s portfolio under the manager supervision
  • They attend any meeting that that is conducted by the manager of the hedge funds, financial analysts, and others to talk about investment options that are best for the firm’s clients. In the meetings one of their jobs is to generate a statistical report and give a presentation that pertains to the stock market.  They may at times participate in client’s meetings to share what they know with the client the condition of the financial market.
  • They may also suggest when to sell or buy stocks to the clients or superiors after thorough research has been done.
  • They analyze a large volume of information from interpersonal and domestic financial markets.
  • Junior stock broker jobs also involve using sophisticated finance software to make tentative investment decisions and understand and translate the financial information.
  • Monitoring certain client investments and stocks
  • Generating quarterly and monthly reports that relate to a client’s investments
  • Filing agreements that the clients have signed that detail their financial investments.
  • Meeting up with clients for answering queries and general consultations about investment tactics
  • Keeping client investment records and informing the management in regards to these transactions.

These are just some of the duties involved in junior stock broker jobs but can vary according to the company they work for.


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