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4 standout features of RL360° Quantum

4 standout features of RL360° Quantum

Quantum from RL360° is a regular premium product that’s popular among those who are keen to increase their savings. It offers a means for people to supplement their savings outside pensions and other tax-advantaged schemes. Clients can use the product to build up their wealth to help fund potentially major expenses further down the line. For example, it can be a means of covering family educational costs such as university or school fees, or it can be used to boost people’s retirement incomes. Others may save to fund anything from home improvements to lavish holidays. But what is it exactly that helps to set this product apart from others on the market? Here, we take a look at 4 of Quantum’s standout features.

  1. Places no restriction on funds

One benefit associated with Quantum, and something that’s often picked up in RL360° Quantum reviews, is the fact that it offers considerable freedom in terms of choosing funds. In fact, clients who are registered for online fund switching have no restriction on the number of funds they can hold. This helps ensure that people can tailor their investments to suit their preferences and approach to risk.

  1. Offers impressive premium flexibility

The product also provides impressive premium flexibility. For example, savers are able to increase or cut their premiums and, once their initial allocation period is over, they can take a break from saving for up to 2 years if they wish. This can give people extra confidence that if their financial circumstances change, they will have the freedom to change or temporarily halt their payments.

  1. Available in multiple currencies

RL360° Quantum is the favoured investment option for many expats and one of the reasons for this is the fact that it’s available in a total of 7 different currencies, namely pound sterling, US dollar, euro, Australian dollar, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen and Swiss franc. The policies are valued and any charges made in the currency that investors select.

  1. Allows for withdrawals

This saving solution also enables people to make withdrawals. After the initial allocation period has come to an end and people have built up accumulation unit value, they can make either one-off or regular withdrawals. As with premium flexibility, this gives savers more freedom.

If you think Quantum could suit your investment requirements, you can read through RL360° reviews to get further information. It’s also wise to speak to a financial adviser. Bear in mind that RL360° only accepts applications from clients introduced through these specialists.

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