Wednesday , 21 June 2017
How Heroin comes between a parent and their children

How Heroin comes between a parent and their children

Valuemags is a company in the business of offering magazine subscriptions to the American public. They have been in this space for a few years now and have seen it change throughout time. For one thing, social media was not as important to have as compared to today. Magazine titles have found it a necessity to have a social media presence. The public really likes to engage with the stories they tend to post since they are very specialized content.

We all hear and read stories on the news and in magazines of people going through hardships in their lives. In this month’s Cosmopolitan, there is a story about a mom, Crystal, of two children who was addicted to heroin. She was telling the story of how she was pregnant with her second child and had to stop her routine of ingesting painkillers and meth. But old habits die-hard so a few years after her child’s birth; she went back to her old ways. Valuemags comes across stories like this quite often and no matter who’s story it is, it is always heartbreaking to hear a family torn on addiction. Crystal placed more importance on finding her next high while leaving her son unattended at the park for hours.

This lifestyle would often get her and her family’s lives in danger. There was one occasion where her son was attacked by a dog and got help from a stranger to get the appropriate attention. Crystal most likely would have been in search for drugs with her toddler present. She would even drive back home high with her kids in the car. Even though this is in her past, and has been clean now for almost a year, Crystal still gets very emotional reminiscing on her past and the impact her addiction has had on her children. She is now an advocate for recovering addicts.

According to the statistics, there are more than 29,000 deaths related to opioid painkiller and heroin overdoses in 2014. This number is actually the highest one compared to all previous years. There is an increasing amount of children in foster care because of this drug epidemic. On social media, there are an increasing number of pictures and videos showing heartbreaking situations children find themselves in. Valuemags sees stories like Crystal’s quite often.

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